Document Tree

Documents are kept in a predefined hierarchical structure. This hierarchical structure should be defined according to the needs of the company before using the software. Document Tree: It is a hierarchical structure that enables the organization to categorize its documents according to various needs such as processes and organizational structure.

Document Types

You can define editable pre-defined html (rich text) templates or document types such as xls, doc that can be uploaded.

Workflow Types

You can define Process Workflow to use in process tracking forms.

Retain Status

Retain indicates the length of time a document will remain in valid. For example; You can define such as 1 year, 3 years.

Frequency Status

If the documents are updated periodically, we can define a renewal period. For example; Everyday, Tuesday / Thursday, 1st of every month, every 3 months, like once a year.



Application users must be associated with a personnel record and job description must be specified.


Define application users from this section.

User Groups

Define the usergroups in this section.


Employee personnel information


Define the departments.

Job Descriptions

Define positions and job descriptions from this section. For example; Like General Manager, Quality Assurance Manager.


Define projects to associate with documents or other records.